For that love tethers us to the truth, whether that is god, or the celestial dance of starlight throughout the galaxies…

I know that the world was a better place with you in it.
Does that mean that whatever is waiting for us,
when our feet no longer tread on this sphere
is that much brighter and magnificent?

Is it beyond our comprehension
not only because of the limits
of our fragile and…

Let you go, must I — A poem

Sitting here in the light of day
in my thoughts, alone, you stay

when the strings flowing from my breast
are drawn to the rhythmic beating in your chest.

Thoughts of you make my synapses dance
but neither fate nor muse let us…

‘To the men who have leered at us with your dark intentions’ — A poem

To the men who have hated our light,
and leered at us with your dark intentions

To the men who have abused us
and kept us captive in your reality of pain:

Thank you

Thank you for awakening the warriors
who lay hidden within
Emerging from the generations
of women who came before…

Lyndsay Landrey

writer, mother, fearless female (she/her).

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