Of Blind Bodies and Silent Souls

Lyndsay L
Feb 14, 2020


Provoked by his invoking voice, my chest rises and falls…A poem.

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Provoked by his invoking voice
my chest rises and falls

Not breathless but full of breath
to my hope he calls

As his words spin in my head
like mist in a dream

I turn to the foggy mirror,
unsure of how she’ll seem

Her lips whisper: Are you there?
to a body with no sound

On a naked wall, a clock ticks
she is nowhere to be found

I close my blind eyes
and turn away from knowing lies

Those words made to appease
will be shredded as I please!

The faded confetti stuck
to the bottom of his shoe

Speaks not of unspoken love
born from the moment I knew…

When only silence extols
What we hear in our bodies and souls